Deployment of CUTE Tests in eclipse

Added by S M almost 6 years ago

Newbie question:

IDE I'm using is Eclipse for c++

I'm familiar with using JUnit, where the source files are in the src directory and the test files are in the test directory. The test files are loosely coupled and there is nothing extraordinary I have to do to gain visibility of the tested code.

When we use CUTE, should we create a separate CUTE Suite apart from the code we are testing, in the interest of loose coupling, or should be have the CUTE unit tests in the same directory as our tested code?

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RE: Deployment of CUTE Tests in eclipse - Added by Michael Rüegg almost 6 years ago

I personally also think that there are more advantages when test and production code are physically separated, although there are different kinds of opinions about this even in the Java world. For the separation you can use CUTE's ability to create a test library project where you put your test code and place your production code into another library project (static or shared). CUTE creates the necessary project dependency and adds the include and library paths to your project's settings. You can find more information about this on the Using_the_CUTE_Eclipse_Plugin wiki page (see Wizard for creating library test project).

Additionally, I would use CUTE test suites to organize your unit tests thematically inside the CUTE library project.