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Added by Dereck Allred almost 6 years ago

Does CUTE support remote testing? My code is written in eclipse but run and compiled on an emulator or other remote device. I was wondering if CUTE can facilitate this.

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RE: Remote Testing - Added by Peter Sommerlad almost 6 years ago

Sorry for the delay, but it is vacation time...

We do not provide remote testing as is, but if you can configure your CUTE project's Run As... to run the code on the emulator and have its output to go to the associated Eclipse console as it does when the program is started locally, then it should be possible to use the plug-in's parser to visualize the test results.

I am not an expert in using such a setting. If you cannot directly redirect the output or do not have a means to actually create output on the device, then you can write your own listener class (very simple) and use it with your mechanism to create a trace of successful or failing tests, e.g. by having a green/red LED on your board.

I hope that helps. Please get in touch directly with me () if you need further assistance/help.

RE: Remote Testing - Added by John Doe about 4 years ago

If the question is still up-to-date, as it is two years later:

It definitely works with Eclipse.
As Peter said:
Cross-compile a cute project for your desired embedded system and run the executable through your Eclipse-IDE.
Be sure to setup a corresponding 'Run Configurations'-entry which connects to your remote system.
After execution via the 'Run As'-option the output will be directly streamed to your 'Eclipse-Console'.

If this should not work...for whatever reason...pick up the newly created <YourCuteTestApplication>.xml from your embedded system, which resides at the same place as your CuteApp...
You'll find some basic, but adequate information regarding your tests within this file.