Problems installing CUTE

Added by A S about 4 years ago

I Have some severe problems getting/installing CUTE.
When I try to install CUTE via the Marketplace it shows following error message:

The following solutions are not available: Cute C++ Unit Testing Easier (,,,,, site=

I am also not able to dowload CUTE from the webpage. I'm always directed to an update page:
When I follow the link the page is not available.

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 TSF, Eclipse Kepler + CDT 8.3

Am I missing something?
Is there a chance for me to retrieve CUTE some other way?
Im general, can you help me?

kindest regards,

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RE: Problems installing CUTE - Added by John Doe about 4 years ago


In general: RTFM ! :-)
Furthermore the link to the 'CUTE_Installation_and_System_Requirements'-page you got there is actually broken and needs to be redirected to:

As you are using Eclipse, I assume you want to develop under this IDE.
If so, why not use the 'Install New Software...' feature of Eclipse?

The mentioned update site a link to the cute plugin for Eclipse. Use this one, as you use Eclipse...apparently !

This is also being described when reading the wiki...if you had researched the cute homepage ;-)

Additionally it is being described, where and how to find and download other versions of cute, e.G.:

RE: Problems installing CUTE - Added by Thomas Corbat about 4 years ago

Hi AndreS

Thanks for you report.

We have fixed the broken links on the update sites. They should work now properly again.
I just updated the marketplace. It should now contain the correct features. Please let me know if not.