FAQ – frequently asked questions

Where can I find older versions of the CUTE plug-in?

Where can I find older versions of the CUTE headers?

CUTE Version .zip Format .tar Format
2.0.0 cute2_0_0.zip cute2_0_0.tar.gz
1.7.0 cute1_7_0.zip cute1_7_0.tar.gz
1.6.1 cute1_6_1.zip cute1_6_1.tar.gz

What are the supported platforms?

The CUTE plug-in works with Eclipse CDT Kepler releases (or newer). Framework version 2.0 was tested with the following compilers and operating systems:

  • Linux: gcc 4.7
  • Mac OSX: gcc 4.8 -std=c++11, clang (Xcode) with libc++ -std=c++11, gcc421 (Xcode) with Boost
  • Windows 7: MinGW with Boost, VS2012 NTP, VS2012, VS2010

Other combinations are possible. C++03 should be supported fine if you have boost, either installed or the headers that are packaged with the Eclipse plug-in.

Where can I report a bug?

Please use our GitHub Issue Tracker to report bugs and feature requests .

Under what license is CUTE released?

See our licenses page.

I can't use CUTE due to its license. Do you offer commercial support or licensing?

Please contact us with your requirements. We might find an agreement. Financial support is always appreciated, but we can't yet accept micropayments.

Is CUTE Open Source?

Yes. See the CUTE GitHub Repository.

CUTE is part of Cevelop, your number one IDE for safe C++ development